Stainless Steel Square Hole Coarse Mesh Weaving Machine

Wetter offers stainless steel square opening wire mesh looms for weaving of coarse wire mesh or big opening wire mesh. The coarse woven ss wire mesh usually has a big opening used for mine sifting, general uses and window screen.

The Coarse Mesh Weaving Machine:

Suitable for weaving of square hole mesh in stainless steel, galvanized steel and other metals.

Square Hole Mesh Looms
Weaving machine for mesh 2-40mesh, for industrial mining sieve

Major Parameter of SS Coarse Mesh Weaving Looms:

Motor Power JQ-31-6 2.2-4KW
Speed of main axle 32.8 r/min
Speed of crank 65.5 r/min
Shuttle 240mm
Pitch 110mm
Roll Width 1m-2m
Mesh Range 2.58-40mesh/inch
Wire diameter Applied 16-19-34gauge
Machine Dimensions (Length x Width x height) (3830) x 2830 x 2200 x 1600mm
Machine Weight 2.5-4ton