Five Layer Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Cloth

Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Cloth as filter media can be formed directly into sintered filter elements and cylinders. This is a chief filter media product made with 5 layer or 3 three layer stainless steel woven wire mesh sintered together to form a laminate metals. Five layer sintered mesh is the most popular one while sometimes 3 layer is used. This sintered filtering cloth is much better than common metal woven wire mesh with good strength, hardness and good positioning of opening. Its comprehensive property is superior to sintered metal powder and porcelain.

Major Characteristics:
Excellent strength, no inner support is required for making filter elements; no material; easily repeated cleaning; long lifespan; good anti-corrosion.

Sintered stainless steel Mesh Uses:
-In chemical products filtering of polyester, oil, sulfur, etc.
-In filtering of pure water, air, etc.

Major Technical Data:
-Filtering Fineness: 2-60micron
-Work Temperature: -20°C to 600°C
-Max. Pressure Drop: 3.2Mpa
-Max. Size: Width: 500mm; Length: 1000mm
-Layer: 2 to 6 layers

Sintered Mesh Filter Cylinder Sintered Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Laminate Sintered Filter Elements