Stainless Steel Insect Screen Weaving Machine

Square Opening Insect Mesh Weaving Machine for Producing 8 Mesh to 24 Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Used as Insect Screening Fabric

This type of weaving loom is for weaving of stainless steel wire netting used as window screen.

Machine for Weaving Stainless Steel Window Screening against Insects
Coarse Mesh for Insect Screening Weaving Machine

The type of shuttleless weaving selvage machine is one type of insect mesh weaving machines. It is a light duty mesh weaving machine with selvage making function. It is used to weave stainless steel insect screen, galvanized insect screen or aluminum insect screen.

This insect screen weaving machine has simple and rational construction. It performs satisfactorily and runs smoothly. The machine has been exported to Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia and other parts of the world, and won the high appraise from customers.

Ranges of Wire Mesh Production:
The wire mesh weaving machine is available to weave from stainless steel mesh 8 to mesh 24 suitable for insect and window screening. Three types of roll width available: 1.00m, 1.22m, 1.52m.

Other wire materials include galvanized steel and aluminum are also applied to this machine.