316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

316 ss wire is high grade stainless material with excellent corrosion resisting and heat resisting properties. This wire material is used typically in making of high quality ss wire meshes: welded wire mesh, crimped mesh screen and woven wire. In this page, we mainly introduce 316 Woven Type Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Screening of solid particles, powers and dust, etc. Compared with ss 304 wire mesh, 316 woven wire costs high and can be made into finer meshes for more precise filtering uses.

316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Screening

Material: SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L

Weave Type: Plain weave, Dutch plain weave, twill weave, Dutch twill weave

Feature: This kind of standard wire mesh has firm structure, high strength and great wear resistance. It is suitable for tough working conditions like vibrating screen.

Application: SS 316 wire mesh is used in screening and separation in mine, coal, grain, medicine, ceramic, glass, food, scientific research and other fields.

Stainless Steel 316 Woven Wire
SS 316 Square Hole Wire Mesh, 200x200 Mesh

Weaving Looms for 316 Wire Mesh
Weaving Machine for Stainless Steel 316 Wire Mesh, Plain Weaving

Specification List of 316 Woven Wire Mesh Screen
Mesh/Inch Wire Gauge(SWG) Aperture in mm
3mesh x 3mesh 14 6.27
4mesh x 4mesh 16 4.27
5mesh x 5mesh 18 3.86
6mesh x 6mesh 18 3.04
8mesh x 8mesh 20 2.26
10mesh x 10mesh 20 1.63
20mesh x 20mesh 30 0.95
30mesh x 30mesh 34 0.61
40mesh x 40mesh 36 0.44
50mesh x 50mesh 38 0.36
60mesh x 60mesh 40 0.30
80mesh x 80mesh 42 0.21
100mesh x 100mesh 44 0.172
120mesh x 120mesh 44 0.13
150mesh x 150mesh 46 0.108
160mesh x 160mesh 46 0.097
180mesh x 180mesh 47 0.09
200mesh x 200mesh 47 0.077
250mesh x 250mesh 48 0.061
280mesh x 280mesh 49 0.060
300mesh x 300mesh 49 0.054
350mesh x 350mesh 49 0.042
400mesh x 400mesh 49 0.0385
500mesh x 500mesh 50 0.0273
Roll width: 2"-8"

Popular 316 Square Wire Mesh Case Studies:

1. SS 316 20x20 Mesh x Wire Dia. 0.020 inch:

wire mesh,metallic,no mod,
Material: sus 316 ss -w1
Mesh size: 20 x 20 mesh per linear inch
Strand size/ wire diameter: 0.020 in

Wire-mesh screen, stainless steel, sus 316-w1 (in 40" wide, in running lengths of custom size)

Uses: For sifting and sizing.

2. SS 316 Wire Mesh 18 x 18 Mesh, Wire Diameter 0.023 inch:

Wire mesh,metallic,no mod
Material: sus 316-w1
Mesh size: 18 x 18 per linear inch
Roll size: width: 40 inch
Strand size / wire diameter 0.023 inch in
Type: mesh netting

Wire-mesh, stainless steel, sus 316-w1 (in 40" wide, in running lengths that can be cut at custom size), with bright surface finish, square shaped aperture.